About Noah

Hello, my name is Noah Hines and I would like to share some of my testimony with you. To start off, I was born in Minnesota where I also grew up and lived with my parents and older brother. When I was in middle school I started attending a youth group which later on led me to get baptized. Unfortunately when I was baptized I was not truly born again because I had not truly repented and believed the gospel. Therefore, because of this I was not grounded in truth so when I entered into high school I fell into the new age and started using drugs. I also led many others in my school to use drugs. I rapidly grew in wickedness at a young age where I disrespected my parents, lied, fornicated, carelessly partied, used marijuana and other heavier drugs, and delve into other countless sins. There were many times where I should have gotten into trouble with the law or even hurt but God’s grace abounded and protected me. Towards the end of my high school career my family planned on moving to South Dakota. This would be the start of my turn around to God and away from my wicked ways. Before this happened though, I had to endure one of the most intense battles of my life…

When I was 19 years old I got into a terrible accident that almost cost me my feet and even worse it almost cost me my own soul. It was the middle of winter in Minnesota and I found myself running from the cops in the middle of a freezing night. The cops were called on me by one of my mutual friend’s parents (as I was at their house) because I had drugs on me. The only option in my mind was to run into the woods nearby so I could escape getting caught. As I ran deeper and further into the woods to evade the cops I was scared, alone, and lost. It was then for the first time in my life I cried out to God to guide me home. Nothing spectacular happened at that very moment but by the end of the night my life was spared and I was able to return home thanks to God.

I ended up walking for 7 hours totaling 11 miles. Less than an hour in I only had socks on my feet after I lost my shoes in a pond. At one point I tried to fall asleep in the woods but God kept me awake as I surely would have died from the freezing temperatures. There was even a Search and Rescue helicopter on the look-out for me that failed to find me and thought I wouldn’t make it. By the time I got home, my feet were like solid black bricks of frost bite that I was dragging around. When I was taken by ambulance to the ICU Burn unit in the hospital, the doctors were telling me that I was going to have to lose my feet! Fortunately, after many days in the hospital my feet started to heal thanks to Jesus Christ! Today my feet are working well and in good condition and I am alive praise be to God!

Thanks to the grace of God, not only am I alive but I am now walking as a new creature in Christ. Ever since God saved my life I put my hand to the plow and have not turned back. God has done amazing things in my life since and has used me to advance His kingdom. Even 6 months after my salvation God was already calling me to deliverance and leading me to cast demons out of people. As I grew in Christ I read and studied the bible and also waxed strong in spirit to walk the walk that God has outlined for me. God has blessed me with a calling to serve His Son and also my beautiful family. I thank God for all that He has blessed me with. I have seen thousands of people set free from drugs, lust, rejection, fear, anger, anxiety, new age, bitterness, and many other evil spirits. since I was called to the ministry. I am excited for what else God has planned for my life and am trusting in His Son to bring me through it all.

For the full salvation testimony video click the link below!